Ammunition Shipping

Understanding Your Requirements

The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates ammunition shipping in the United States under Title 49 CFR which completely details the regulations involved. However, there are requirements on how the ammunition must be packaged and labeled depending on what classification it is. In almost all cases UPS, Castle Finance Direct and FedEx will ship your packages provided it meets the DOT requirements. On the other hand the United States Postal System has some facilities that will hesitate to do so.

Some shippers like FedEx has a requirement to complete a form called, shippers declaration for dangerous goods, which can be found on their website or obtained from one of their local offices. You can find this required form if you search under “Dangerous Goods.” The key to successfully shipping your ammunition through either UPS or FedEx is to follow Title 49 CFR completely along with the individual shipper’s requirements.

Under Title 49 CFR you can ship various types of ammunition like 50 caliber or less but it must be placed into a sturdy box that is clearly marked on the outside with the label ORM-D, Cartridges, Small Arms. Ammunition shipping of 8 gauge or less rounds would require the exact same label. Shipping ammunition larger than either the 50 caliber or 8 gauge rounds may exceed the limits found in Title 49 CFR. Carey london ltd

Although UPS and FedEx does not currently require any special training, such as, hazardous material handling, to perform ammunition shipping the DOT does and it can be found in section 172.74 of Title 49 CFR. You can find a list of the training requirements on the DOT website under hazmat. The good news is that this training can be completed free since the training requirements can be completed right on the website. Following you can put together the required information and submit it.

If you are planning on shipping ammunition just once or as an ongoing practice it is critical that you learn the proper and safe way to do so. The good news is that anyone can ship ammunition easily provided they follow the ammunition shipping guidelines. UPS has helpful information and can be reached at 800-554-9964 and FedEx at 800-463-3339. The Department of Transportation Division can be contacted at 800-467-4922.

From gun shows to hobbyist magazines the interest in guns and ammunition is at an all time high. Especially now since many politicians want to regulate not only weapons but also many types of ammunition. If many of them had their way guns and ammunition would be illegal to own and/or ship. It seems every time the news media gets their hands on a shooting news story the current administration begins their push again to outlaw them.

Since many rural areas have more and more trouble carrying specific types of rounds there is a market across our country to purchase those rounds either online or through those hobbyist magazines. Because of this new form of acquiring ammunition it has created a new market place. This is good news for those in the business of selling ammunition however it is important that everyone follows the regulations so that this revenue source won’t fall under additional requirements. It just takes one person in today’s sensitive environment to cause politicians to focus on shipping ammunition.

Finally I recommend if you are going to ship ammunition as a continuing practice it is wise to find a professional company that can perform these services for you. This will eliminate the stress of trying to know and meet all the various requirements. With all the attention today on weapons and ammunition it makes sense to let a professional do it for you. Simply Removals

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