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Transport Weapons

Many people, companies, or law enforcement officials own different forms of weapons, generally for the purpose of safety from attacks by animals, or in some cases, for safety from attacks by other humans. When transporting weapons, a lot of care and safety precautions must be taken in order to ensure that they are transported in the safest manner possible. Otherwise these weapons could potentially endanger many lives.

There are many rules to transporting firearms on an airplane. Some of them are locally based, others are common across all airports. However, as a rule of thumb, people can only transport firearms if they are unloaded, and safely stored in a hard shelled, locked container. They must be transported as checked baggage. No parts of a firearm, including ammunition, clips, frames may be allowed in carry on baggage on an airplane. These rules not only apply to firearms themselves, but replicas of firearms as well, including BB guns and pellet guns.

Even if you need to transport a non-functioning weapon replica, you could alert airport security officers. This is especially true these days when these officers are very alert to weapons on airplanes. In order to avoid problems, you may want to speak with your airline in advance.


If you are carrying firearms and/or ammunition, you must have confirmed with the proper airport authorities that you will be transferring such items. Failure to do so may result in criminal penalties when it is found that you are carrying such items without declaration. Even if you are not charged, you will surely be delayed. You might miss your connecting flight.

Be sure to check with your local airport for any further rules and requirements before attempting to transport weapons when flying on airplanes. It is always better to do too much work in advance than to leave a serious matter like this to chance.

If you work for a company or law enforcement agency that regularly transports weapons, you will probably be able to consult with an expert on transporting weapons. In this case, this matter might be quite routine.

However, if you are a hunter or collector, you will not have the advantage of support from your company or organization. It is even more important for you to be prepared. This means you must research ways to safely and securely transport weapons. You must also clear your actions, in advance, with the proper authorities.

Is Transporting Weapons Risky?

By making sure you have done your homework in advance, you can minimize your risks. However, you might still suffer through the potential threat of having your weapons confiscated or even stolen.

If you plan to travel on a commercial airline, for example, it might even be better to have your weapons shipped to your destination. Some commercial shipping companies are very experienced at this task, and they can help you. Your inventory can arrive at a designated location for local pickup. This may be the simplest, safest, and most secure method of transporting your weapons.

If it is not possible to ship your weapons through another service, be sure you know how to correctly and safely pack everything. Also be sure to get proper permission from authorities in advance. Finally, it might be a good idea to have your weapons insured so you do not risk losing your investment if they are stolen.

If you do everything right, you can transport weapons safely and securely. You should just be aware that this is not an easy task that you should ever take for granted. If you are unsure about any of the details, be sure and take the time to get more information.


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